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West African Dance Class – Sabar and Djembe Live drumming

Diene Sagna

*Who is this class for?*
This dance class is perfect for everybody! It is designed to bring people together to have fun, sweat and enjoy moving to live music.

*How does it work?*
Diene Sagna is an experienced, charismatic and engaging teacher from Senegal. His classes are energising and accessible to all levels. Diene will break down the steps of West African dances, including Sabar and Djembe from West Africa. He will carefully guide students to build their understanding and confidence in a relaxed and supportive environment.

*What can I expect from West African dance?*
West African dance consists of movements and combinations which are graceful, powerful and playful, training flow, body lines, precision, intention, directional movement, extension, swings, hip twists and jumps.

Students will get a total workout, combining all elements of fitness - cardio, muscle conditioning, coordination, balance, flexibility, as well as developing musicality, body language, expression + a huge boost of energy! As an added bonus, in this class, students will have the opportunity to learn about the rich culture and traditions of West Africa through dance and music.

Zu den Anmeldungen:

12.4.-5.7.2024 (nicht Ferienzeiten)
Fr 18:00-19:30 h

26 UStd

Studio II, Brotfabrik, Kreuzstr. 16, Bonn-Beuel
208,00 € (erm. 145,60 €)